Viral controversy: Brianna Coppage Adam22

By | November 10, 2023

Brianna Coppage, a name that is currently being hotly discussed on various social media platforms. This woman came into the public spotlight after being involved in a controversy with well-known social media personality Adam22. Let’s dig deeper into who Brianna Coppage really is.

Before getting into the latest controversy, we need to understand who Adam22 is. Adam Grandmaison, known as Adam22, is a podcaster, vlogger, and owner of the record label No Jumper.

His popularity grew through the YouTube platform, where he conducted interviews with famous personalities and discussed various controversial topics.

Brianna Coppage and Adam22 in the spotlight

The controversy between Brianna Coppage and Adam22 started from an interview on the No Jumper channel.

Brianna, a content creator and model, revealed that she felt disrespected and misunderstood during the interview.

Adam22’s demeaning and insensitive remarks about the issues facing Brianna sparked a wave of online protests.

Public reaction and impact

In the aftermath of the controversy, public reaction to Adam22 and Brianna Coppage varied widely. Many netizens supported Brianna, judging that Adam22 should be held accountable for his comments that were considered harassing.

On the other hand, some Adam22 fans argue that this controversy is exaggerated and should not be a major concern.

Adam22 has responded to this controversy through its social media and podcast platforms. He expressed his apologies if his statement offended Brianna or anyone else.

Meanwhile, Brianna also used her platform to provide clarification and affirm the importance of respecting the feelings of each individual.

The controversy has also sparked a broader discussion about ethics in media interviews and how interviewers can treat their guests.

Many people have begun to question the extent to which interviewers are allowed to pursue controversial content without neglecting ethics and respect.


The story of the controversy between Brianna Coppage and Adam22 is one example of how the power of social media can accelerate debate and influence public opinion. In an era where everything can easily go viral, it is important for all parties to be more careful and concerned about the impact of every action and statement they make in the digital realm.

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