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By | October 16, 2023

Mannara Chopra, before entering the Grand House of Bigg Boss 17, made headlines with her statement about the kiss that the director made on her.

This statement came to light when he explained that the director kissed him on the cheek on the pretext of considering him his ‘baby’.

However, in this context, it is important to emphasize that the word “baby” in his statement is key, and many people feel that the whole incident has been incorrectly understood.

For those who don’t know, Mannara Chopra was in the spotlight after this incident occurred when she stepped out to promote her upcoming film titled “Thiragabadara Saami.”

Director’s Kiss Controversy on Mannara Chopra: behind the furor of Mannara Chopra’s Viral Video Actress

At that time, Mannara Chopra was accompanied by the film’s director, Ravi Kumar Chowdary. However, what happened next left many surprised and disappointed.

A video recording the moment appeared online, and it went viral in no time. In the video clip, the director is seen standing in front of the camera with Mannara Chopra.

Due to the situation that occurred in the video, the director suddenly kissed Mannara on the cheek. The Video also became a hot topic on social media, with netizens from various circles expressing their opinions.

However, Mannara Chopra immediately responded to this controversy by explaining that the word “baby” used by the director in the situation was intended as an expression of affection and pride for his achievements.

He felt that people had misunderstood the director’s actions as Inappropriate. Reactions from various parties also varied.

There were those who supported Mannara Chopra, considering it the correct response in explaining the situation.

However, some people still feel that the incident should not have happened in front of the public, despite the intentions that the director had. This controversy led to a debate about the limits of ethics and professionalism in the entertainment industry.

Some people argue that any act that makes others uncomfortable, especially in public, should be avoided. However, others argue that the context and intentions of a person should also be considered before making conclusions.

While this controversy remains a hot topic of discussion among the public, one thing is certain is the importance of open dialogue and careful understanding of these kinds of situations.

The case of Mannara Chopra and the director who kissed her on the cheek is a reminder of how important it is to speak wisely and seek to understand the other person’s point of view before taking drastic action.

Hopefully, from this incident, we can all learn about the limits that must be maintained in the relationship between professionals in the entertainment world.

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